Client Testimonials

“Raghu is a real pro! Her design work is a rare blend of creativity, beauty and efficiency. I love everything she’s created for me over the last several years and I’m grateful to be one of her clients.”
—DR. DAVID ELDREDGE, Nutrition and health expert, Total Life Empowerment coach

“Raghu Consbruck did a wonderful job on the cover art for my novel, The Tale of the Bastard Feverfew. I especially appreciate all the redwing blackbirds she has flitting around on the front cover, and the image of the plant (bastard feverfew) on the back.”
—U.R. BOWIE, Author of The Tale of the Bastard Feverfew

“We have been using RaghuDesigns consistently for the past six years with fantastic results. Raghu is a gifted designer who understands marketing and demographics, and working with her is a pleasure. We are grateful to have her on our team.”
—MIRIAM TASSINARE, President, ISKCON of Alachua Inc.

“Absolutely exquisite. I could not be more pleased with Raghu’s precise and eloquent work and believe it represents Yamuna perfectly… I’m not sure who else could have taken our sometimes vague ideas and translated them into this work of depth and imagery. Much thanks and oceans of gratitude.”
—DINATARINI DEVI, Author of Yamuna Devi: A Life of Unalloyed Devotion

“Raghu is a highly motivated and extremely productive designer. She is dedicated to creating exceptional designs… She is a highly organized and productive employee, she meets deadlines and assist other coworkers with complicated design and technical problems. Raghu goes above and beyond the call of duty on each and every project that is assigned to her.”
—TRACY BRYANT, Coordinator of Creative Services, University of Florida/IFAS Communication Services